Enrolling in Medicare Part D: The Options

Enrolling in a prescription drug plan is the easiest part of open enrollment. Enrolling in a plan means that all the research has been done and the decision has been made. It is supposed to be the easy part. For some, the enrollment isn’t as clear as they thought it would be. Not everyone is familiar with their options when it comes to enrolling and what they can do to enroll in the prescription drug plan they want.

When it’s time to enroll in a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, there are a lot of enrollment options. These options are designed to meet a number of preferences and should always be stress free. There is no right or wrong way to enroll; it’s all up to the individual.

Option One: Telephonic Enrollment

There are some people that want to enroll over the telephone. They may choose this option because they don’t want to fill out the paperwork and send it in and track the enrollment. There are some that want to have their last minute questions answered and once they are answered, they don’t want to prolong the process any longer. Whatever the reason, the option to enroll over the phone is available with almost all Medicare Part D prescription drug plan providers.

To enroll over the phone, the only thing that a person needs to have is their Medicare card, their personal information and at least an hour to get everything done. With those tools in hand, the enrollment should be done easily and smoothly. Once the phone call is over, the newly signed member can expect their enrollment package to come in the mail.

Option Two: Enrollment through the Mail

There are some people that are more traditional than others and prefer to enroll into their preferred Medicare Part D plan with a paper application. Rather than give their personal information and give an electronic or telephonic signature, they want to complete the paperwork and sign for their insurance themselves. This is perfectly normal and feasible to be done.

To enroll into a prescription drug plan through the mail, a person must know what provider they will be working with and have a contact number for that company. Once they have that information, they can call and request an enrollment package be mailed to them. This can take from 7 to 10 business days from the time of calling to arrive so it’s not something that can be done at the last minute. Once that enrollment package has arrived, it’s easy to complete the paperwork and send back to the company.

What people should remember when it comes to enrolling through the mail is that there are deadlines for enrollment. If those deadlines aren’t respected, the enrollment isn’t effective and they won’t be put into the plan of their choice or have the provider they want.

Option Three: Online Enrollment

For those independent individuals that are web savvy, enrolling online is the ideal option. Those that choose to enroll online are happy to review their choices and enroll online. This is something that is very easy to do for those that have a good internet connection and have the patience to read the materials that will be presented.

Those that choose to enroll online should have at least an hour to dedicate to the task. When they enroll online, they will be entering all the information online and printing materials they want to keep for their records. After the enrollment has been done, it’s always a good rule of thumb to write down a confirmation number and keep so it can be referenced if necessary.

No matter what enrollment option a person chooses to use, it should be stress free. There is no reason for someone to have to stress over their enrollment choices. For those that don’t want to change their Medicare Part D prescription drug plan and provider, there is nothing that has to be done. Their enrollment will continue with the same provider they have currently. Enrolling over the phone, through the mail or online are the most common options and should be used by those that have a different choice for their Medicare Part D prescription drug plans.

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