Medicare Benefits are Only for the Beneficiary

Millions of people enroll in the Medicare program every year. The Medicare program allows beneficiaries to get access to hospital care, medical care and makes them eligible to Medicare Part D coverage. The benefits Medicare provides to its’ beneficiaries are invaluable. When people enroll into this program, they are agreeing to abide by the rules of the program. The biggest thing that people need to understand is that the benefits of the Medicare program are only for the enrollee.

But We’re Married

There are a lot of Medicare beneficiaries that are married. It is entirely possible for one person to qualify for Medicare benefits while their spouse doesn’t. Unfortunately, there are some people that mistakenly think that because their spouse is eligible and receiving Medicare benefits, they are entitled to use those benefits as well. This is something that is entirely untrue and very illegal to do.

When a person has a spouse, they are used to having access to the same benefits as they have. This is something that can’t be done when Medicare benefits are in question. Medicare benefits are only for the beneficiary that is listed. The fact that the beneficiary has a spouse isn’t a consideration when it comes to who has access to using those benefits.

Why Can’t My Spouse Use Them

Medicare benefits are given to people in their own names because everyone has individual social security numbers. As the Social Security Administration reviews the applications for Medicare benefits, they look at the social security numbers that are listed on the applications. The history of each individual is considered when granting Medicare benefits. When the approval is given, it’s based on the information found in that applicant’s records, not the spouse’s records.

Because these benefits are Federal benefits, only the person that has been approved for them can use them. Just because one party of a married couple has been approved for and granted Medicare benefits doesn’t mean the other spouse has been approved for and granted those benefits. Those that want Medicare benefits have to apply and be approved by the Social Security Administration. It is perfectly acceptable that two people live in the same household and both are receiving Medicare benefits.

But I Never Worked

There are some couples that have one half of the partnership that have never worked. This is a circumstance that has been thought of and not unique. Although there will be one person that has a work history, that won’t stop the spouse from qualifying and receiving Medicare benefits. When this situation arises, the Social Security Administration has the tools to handle that situation. A lack of work history doesn’t disqualify a person from getting Medicare benefits.

When a person has been approved for Medicare benefits, those benefits are for that person only. Although they may have a spouse, their spouse isn’t allowed to use those benefits. It is illegal and fraudulent to use the benefits of someone else, no matter the relationship. When married couples have questions about Medicare benefits, they should can the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services as well as the Social Security Administration. They have experts that are ready to answer any questions.

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