Plastic surgery covered by your health insurance provider?

Many people often ask if their health care provider can offer plastic surgery coverage.  Initially, there is no insurance quote which will offer this.  However, there are loop holes in the system.

How can I get free plastic surgery?

First of all, you have to know how to work the insurance system.  The key is to have an initial pressing medical need then tac on a cosmetic addition.  In this example we're going to say the patient "John" wants a nose job.

John walks in to the doctors office and asks, "can I get a nose job for free with my health insurance coverage?"  The short answer is no... However, if John has a deviated septum then this might be an option.  In short, if there is a pressing medical condition that needs resolution then the surgeon can "add on" cosmetic surgery to the procedure; if applicable to the surgery.  If John broke his nose and has breathing problems then there is a "medical need".  The doctor will usually throw in free cosmetic surgery / rhinoplasty on top of the medical aspect of the surgery.  The insurance agencies don't seem to have a problem with this.

Who really reaps the most rewards from the insurance agencies?

Let's face it, not only regular people try and exploit the insurance agencies.  Doctors and corporations do too.  Doctors and corporations are the ones who's livelihood / income depends on insurance agencies.  They will nickel and dime insurance companies for all they can get.


I'm not saying it's good to exploit the insurance companies.  Nor am I telling you to strive to do it.  But, the fact is that there are loop holes in everything.  If you know how to work the insurance system / medical system than you can benefit from it.  So, if you're striving to get free plastic surgery it is possible.  You have to find a legitimate reason for health coverage than tac on a cosmetic addition; if applicable.  Remember that the more extensive a surgery is the more money the surgeon gets.  You win, the doctor wins, but not the insurance company.  They win all the time though...  there not the only ones who can control the system.  Think outside the box and so can you!

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