How To Pay for Medicare Part D

When people think of their expenses, they often think in terms of a budget. They know what they can afford and how much is left after they pay their bills. When there is an additional expense they have to pay for, it can cause some hardships. As people think of their medicines, some find they are having a hard time paying for their medications as well as the premiums for their Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. As they think of how they will manage the additional payments, some people wonder if there is help available.

As shocking as it seems, there is help to pay for medications as well as Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. There are different resources that can be found in different cities and states. As people begin their search, they often find there are some requirements that have to be met but the resources are there for those that need it.


State pharmaceutical assistance programs, SPAPs, are available in some states. These programs are arranged at a state level and often have room to place people into their program. Many of these programs have restrictions and qualifications that have to be met before they can take advantage of the benefits. The benefits of these programs vary but many of these programs are able to help people pay for their medications and even help in paying the premium for their Part D prescription plans.

Finding if a state has a SPAP available is not as hard as it seems to apply. Those that are interested in finding if there is a program available can do one of many things. They can call their state’s Department of Health and Senior Services. This is a department that can help point people in the right direction for assistance when it comes to finding state specific help.

Those that are internet savvy can go onto to find if an SPAP is available. This is a tool that many people prefer because it will allow them to look up their specific state and give them the information they need. If there is an SPAP available, they will be given a phone number to make contact with that foundation.


Low income subsidy, LIS, is an assistance program that is offered at a federal level. When a person meets certain financial guidelines, they are able to apply for and receive help with their Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. This is a program that is available in every state because it’s a federally funded program. There is an application process that is required but it’s available for those that need it.

When people apply for low income subsidy and are approved they find they will receive help with paying for their Medicare Part D premiums and their copays for their medications. Although there are different levels of assistance available, the help will significantly reduce the cost of the copays and premiums.

Those that want to apply for the low income subsidy are able to do call the Social Security Administration and request an application to be mailed to their address or they can go to their local Social Security Administration building for assistance in completing the application. Those that want to apply for the assistance online are able to. Once the approval is given, the adjustments will be made to the prescription drug plan.

Private Sources

There are many different charities and organizations that are willing to help those that need assistance with their Medicare Part D prescription drug plan costs. Most of these charities don’t spend a lot of money advertising their assistance programs. Although they don’t advertise their funding much, they are known by other larger organizations and entities.

Because these sources are private, not everyone knows to request help from these sources. As people are told about these sources, they are given a tremendous amount of help. Many of these private organizations give assistance on a continuous basis rather than only once. As people become patrons and clients of these organizations, they find they have access to more services than they originally applied for.

When it comes to finding private funding, many people find they get the most information from their local State Health Information Program or SHIP counselors. These are programs set up in each state to give state specific information on different Medicare programs. These programs would know if there are different private state specific charities that have funds available. There are many different ways to find private funding but SHIP counselors are a great source.

When it comes to paying for Medicare Part D prescription drug plans and medication copays, there are different ways for people to find help in paying for it. With so many different resources available, there are different requirements that need to be met. As these requirements are met, people find they receive the help they greatly need in paying for their medications. Although everyone won’t qualify for every program they apply for, they will at least get useful information about programs that are available to pay for their Medicare Part D prescription drug plans.

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