Are My Medications Covered Under This Formulary?

When it comes time to pick a Medicare part D prescription drug plan, it is a daunting task. There are many things that concern them and they want to address. One of the biggest things that concerns beneficiaries is finding if their medications are covered on the plan's formulary. As people look at the many different options they have available, many people don't know where to start looking for their medications on the many different formularies.

The Mailed Formulary

As the annual enrollment period approaches, those that are already enrolled into a Medicare part D prescription drug plan or are newly eligible for the these prescription drug plans begin to receive a lot of mail. This mail comes from the different companies that offer Medicare prescription drug plans. Many times, these mailers include information about the pricing of the plan and the many benefits of their company. There are also companies that will mail an abridged copy of the formulary for their most popular plans.

When an insurance company mails a copy of their formulary, they are giving their prospective members a powerful tool. Beneficiaries can take their time, gather their medications and look them up in the comfort of their own home. When people are able to look at a formulary in their own time, they often get a feel for how helpful this prescription drug plan will be for them.

Call the Prospective Insurance Company

With all the information that is available to Medicare beneficiaries, it can be overwhelming. There are commercials filled with information as well as mailers that can be hard to understand. It is ok to call the insurance provider to get clarification.

Those that choose to call the insurance companies should take the time to gather some information before they place their phone call. The most important thing for beneficiaries to gather is a list of their current medications. On that list should be the name of the medication, the dosage and the quantity of the medications that will be needed. All this information will help get the most accurate information and allow people to decide if this plan will be helpful for them or not.

Call Medicare

There are some people that don't want to call several companies and give the same information to different representatives. This can be time consuming and very frustrating to some. Those that want to avoid this can call Medicare.

Those that choose to call Medicare have an advantage over those that call the individual companies. When a person calls Medicare, they are able to get information about several companies in one phone call. They will be able discover what companies cover their medications, their possible copays as well as hear the company's Medicare rating. If beneficiaries take the time and do this and find a plan they like, they can then get the information they need and call the company prepared and ready to enroll.

Go Online

There are many Medicare beneficiaries that are internet and computer savvy. Insurance companies know this and they have taken a lot of time to give a lot of information online. Those that choose to go online to find a plan can do this in many different ways.

Almost every insurance provider has a website. Those that have the internet and a computer can go onto their websites directly to get the information about their formularies. Those that don't want to visit individual websites can get onto Medicare's website and get information about prescription drug plans that are available to them.

When it comes to prescription insurance, there is no time to waste going in circles. It is very important to find a prescription drug plan that will give beneficiaries the best coverage at an affordable price. It isn't hard to get information about what medications are covered on a formulary. Those that take the time to research before they make a decision often get their medications covered and often don't have many surprises during the benefit year.

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