4 Ways to Boost Your Income in a Tough Economy

The economy is tough...

There's no getting around it. The economy has not been kind to us in the past few years. We've all been affected in different ways. Some of us have lost our jobs, others retirement savings have taken a hit. We have all had to make changes to our budget and tighten up our spending. There's two ways to right your financial ship. Either earn more or save more. Because the economy has been bad for a while, I am going to go ahead and assume that most families have already tightened their budget. The other way to become more financially stable is to earn more. But in economy where it's hard to find a job, and if you have a job you need to work long hours to keep it, how is it possible to boost your income? Here are 6 easy ways to earn a little cash on the side without quitting your current job. 

Clever ways to earn money

1. Donate Plasma -- Donate really isn't the right word because most places offer $20-$40 per donation. You are allowed to donate twice a week at the most. Assuming you go twice a week at $25 a pop, one could make an extra $2600 per year! We all could you a little discretionary income. Be careful though, plasma donation centers attract all types of people and the needle pokes can cause scarring over time.

2. Become a Dog Walker -- Do you love dogs? If you have a way with these animals and some extra time on your hands, consider this job. Dog walkers can generally garner $10-$15 per hour. This may be the most fun side job!

3. Become a Referee -- If you have a love for sports and are knowledgeable about one, find a league to ref. You may be required to get your reffing license, but it will quickly pay off as you can make $15-$25 per game once you get some experience.

4. Craigslist  -- Don't laugh! Craigslist can be a viable option to pick up money earning odd jobs. Of course you should be careful who you decide to deal with, but their are odd jobs that need to be filled. For example, people often look for help on a weekend when moving to a new place


Start with these and you could soon be seeing more green. All of these jobs can be done at night or on the weekends and do not require many special skills. After a year of doing this, your wallet will surely thank you!


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