Prescription Assistance Programs Make a Difference

Many Medicare part D members have learned they can lower their out of pocket costs with the help of prescription assistance programs. The rising costs of living, medication costs and other expenses have had many people worried. One of the biggest stresses they have is how can they afford to continue taking their medications. With more help available, many don’t have to worry.            

Prescription assistance programs are programs that help people that qualify pay for their medications. These programs are offered to some through government supplemented programs, state offered programs or from the pharmaceutical company themselves. These programs help reduce the costs of medications in different ways.

Prescription Assistance Programs

Every year thousands of people apply for Medicare part D plans. They don’t realize how much the costs of their medications can be until they are prescribed a medication they don’t normally take. Because it may be a new medication, they may not have budgeted for it. With sudden surprises like this, many people wonder how they will continue living their life as they want and take the medications they need to continue good health. With the right prescription assistance programs, the costs of these medications can be lowered down to $0.

State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs- These programs are offered to citizens of specific states. The states have seen there is a huge population of Medicare part D members that need help with the costs of their medications. Some states help pay the costs of the medications for a lower immediate out of pocket cost for members and others help pay for the Medicare part D plan itself. The benefits are different but they help a lot. Because it’s not something offered in every state, it’s best to check with Medicare to verify if a program is available.

Low Income Subsidy- This is a federally offered program for those that meet certain income limits. There are different income restrictions and benefits. Those that qualify can have part of their Medicare part D plan premium paid for as well as a reduction of their medication costs reduced. Others qualify for free Medicare part D plans and medications as low as $1.20 per month for a 30 day supply. This is a program that people have to apply for through the Social Security Administration.

Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs- Pharmaceutical assistance programs are prescription assistance programs that are offered by individual drug makers. Each manufacturer has a set of requirements people must meet in order to have their medications sent to them for free or receive a reduced price. Most drug makers know their medications are expensive and some people have a hard time paying for it. For this reason, they help their patients as much as they can. To find help directly from the makers of these medications, it’s best to find the maker of the medication and contact them directly.

Everyone will agree the costs of medications have increased. For some the costs make it hard for them to pay for their medications as well as their monthly bills. Those that need help often don’t realize there is help available. Those that want help can find it through different prescription assistance programs.

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