Mail Order Pharmacies: The Pros and Cons of Them All

The thought of mail order pharmacies scares some Medicare part D members. They don’t know what to think of it and don’t know if it’s best for them. There is a lot to think about.

Mail order pharmacies are pharmacies that ship medications to those that join the program. Some pharmacies look like traditional pharmacies and others only have mail order operations and don’t have any face to face interaction with the public. While it’s a different option, it’s an option that many people actually like and prefer to going into a traditional retail pharmacy.

Mail Order Pharmacies: Benefits

Those that have a busy lifestyle don’t always want to schedule a visit to their local pharmacy. They don’t want to find a local pharmacy where they are and pick up medications. Those are some of the reasons that people decide to enroll into a mail order benefits program. Once enrolled, there are a lot of benefits that people enjoy.

Larger Supplies: When people enroll to have their medications delivered the most common option is to have a 90 day supply of the medication delivered. Many Medicare part D members enjoy this because they will only have 4 shipments delivered to their home each year for their maintenance medications. This allows many people to continue with their lives if they travel most of the year. There is no need to have medications transferred to a pharmacy in a state that’s not their permanent residence. Mail order pharmacies often allow their members to list an alternate address to ship the medications to so if members are on vacation, they won’t miss their delivery.

Discounts and Budgets: Most people that are interested in mail order pharmacies have a fixed income. Because most orders have a 90 day supply of each medication, many mail order pharmacy providers offer their members a discount on the prices. Not only are they able to get their medications delivered to their home, many times their out of pocket expenses are lower than they would be if the medications were picked up each month at the pharmacy. With a fixed income, those discounts add up.

Mail Order or Traditional: Many people think when they enroll into mail order pharmacies, they will no longer be able to use traditional pharmacies. That’s not true. If there is a need for an emergency prescription to be filled, traditional pharmacy benefits are still available.

Mail Order Pharmacies: Cons

With all the positives of mail order pharmacies, there is one thing some people don’t like. They don’t like the idea of not knowing who their pharmacist is. They don’t want to feel as if a stranger is looking into the most private parts of their life. While mail order pharmacies do have customer service agents available to speak with members, it’s not the same.

With so many demands and desires in life after Medicare part D, prescriptions are the list thing many want to worry about. With mail order pharmacies, they can order medications 4 times a year and move on with their life.

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