Medicare Part D Options: Traditional or Mail Order Pharmacy

When people enroll into a Medicare part D plan they are often shocked when they are told they have choices on how to get their medications. Many don’t realize they can get their medications at a traditional pharmacy or through a mail order pharmacy. These options are very important to people because it gives them the control they have always enjoyed with traditional health insurance. Medicare part D plan providers realize that people have preferences and giving choices is better for their members.

A traditional pharmacy is a pharmacy that Medicare part D members can go to when they want to speak with their pharmacist or to pick up their medications. A mail order pharmacy is a pharmacy that sends medications to members through the mail or other delivery options. There are benefits to using either or a combination of these options.

Traditional Retail Pharmacy

Most Medicare part D members are used to going to a traditional retail pharmacy because it’s what they did with their employer sponsored insurance. This is still an option for those that want to continue using their favorite local pharmacy.

People that enjoy retail pharmacies enjoy specific benefits. These Medicare part D members enjoy:

  • Face to face interactions with pharmacists
  • Personalized customer service
  • Immediate attention to emergency prescriptions
  • Convenience of getting prescriptions when shopping
  • Socializing with others

These benefits may seem small but they make a huge difference.

Mail Order Pharmacy

There are some Medicare part D members that don’t enjoy the idea of leaving their homes to get medication every month. While it may seem like an easy thing to do, it’s not always that easy. There are some members that are homebound or live far away from a retail pharmacy. This makes the idea of getting monthly medications from retail pharmacies very stressful. Instead of having to worry about that, these members can use a mail order pharmacy. The benefits include:

  • Phone calls about medications
  • Shipping directly to their home
  • Phone support when questions need to be asked
  • Quarterly deliveries of medications

These benefits are wonderful for those that don’t want to worry about traveling to a retail pharmacy to get their medications each month.

Comfort and Convenience

Getting medications on time is something that is very important to Medicare part D members. These medications have been prescribed for a reason and members don’t want to go without and allow their health to suffer. Being able to choose how their medications are given to them is something that is very important. For those members that have an active lifestyle, they can use a combination of benefits. When these members are home, they can have their medications delivered to them. For the times they are traveling, it’s also possible to have their medications refilled at a local, in network pharmacy.

There is no right or wrong way to use pharmacy benefits. Having the right Medicare part D plans will allow members to use the pharmacy that is right for them at that moment. With choices like this, Medicare part D members don’t have to sacrifice their lifestyle in order to keep their medications consistently filled.

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