Medicare Part D: It's Time to Enroll

It’s that time of year again! It’s time to choose the right Medicare part D plan for Medicare members. This is the time of the year that many people are wondering what Medicare part D is, how it benefit them and how they should go about finding the right plan for them. While all these questions should all be answered, the biggest question that most people have is how to enroll into a Medicare part D plan they like.

The First Steps

Millions of people want help paying for their medications. Some don’t have any insurance at all and others don’t know what is available to them. Those that want to enroll into a Medicare part D plan has to meet certain requirements. The biggest requirement that has to be met is being eligible for Medicare. The only people that are able to enroll into a Medicare part D plan are those that have Medicare part A and/or Medicare part B.

Once people have enrolled into Medicare part A and/or Medicare part B they should look at their medication list. Not everyone has the same needs when it comes to medications and that is something that is very important. After looking at the available plans, it’s time to enroll.

The Biggest Step

Enrolling into a Medicare part D plan is easy after finding the right plan. This is something that can be done in one of 5 ways: on the phone, online, through a Medicare agent, paper application or an independent insurance agent.

Most people are happy to get the choice of a Medicare part D plan over. They have asked questions and compared prices. Many have taken the time to look over part D plans, supplemental plans as well as advantage plans. After all that research, enrollment is the last thing to do. Once the decision on a plan has been made, enrolling only takes a few minutes to do.

Phone Enrollment- Enrolling into a Medicare part D plan over the phone is one of the most recommended ways to enroll into a plan. It allows people to ask last minute questions and double check the information they have. When enrolling over the phone, it’s important to know what plan to enroll, identifying information and Medicare part A and/or B numbers and effective dates. With that information, enrollment is easy.

Online Enrollment- Online enrollment into a Medicare part D plan is easy. When enrolling online, it’s important to have identifying information, Medicare part A and/or B numbers and effective dates and the correct website for the plan. While it seems like enrolling online can be done slowly these applications will time out and if it’s not done in a timely manner, information will be lost and the enrollment won’t go through.

Medicare and Independent agents- These phone calls can be done just as a phone enrollment can. Working with these agents isn’t the same as calling the company directly but it’s just as effective. Be sure to have all the important information at hand as well as know what plan the enrollment is for.

Paper Application- Using a paper application is one of the last ways to enroll into a Medicare part D plan. Most enrollments are done via phone or online now. For those that want to enroll into their plan through paper applications, it’s important to call the company in the beginning of the annual enrollment period to request one is sent. Applications that are received after the enrollment period ends won’t always be input, delaying coverage.

No matter how the enrollment is done, it’s important to watch the mail for follow up information. This is how enrollment is confirmed and coverage information is sent to new members. If there is ever a question of enrollment into a Medicare part D plan, call the plan the application is for or call Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services directly.

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