Medicare Part D Plans: Disenrollment

When it comes to Medicare part D plans, how to get out of it is a major question. There is very little information that is freely given when it comes to getting out of Medicare part D plans. While it’s not something that is easy to do, un-enrolling from these plans is actually possible. Those that want to get out of a Medicare part d plan can it simply.

Timing and Reasons are Critical

As with anything, timing is very important when it comes to dis-enrolling from Medicare part d plans. There are some people that just aren’t satisfied with having Medicare part D plans. They don’t like having these plans and they don’t want to continue with their coverage. Because having Medicare part D plans is optional, there are ways to get out of the plans. But it has to be at the right time for some.

Annual enrollment period for all Medicare part D plans start on Oct. 15th and end Dec. 7th. This is the time that prescription drug plans will accept un-enrollment requests without a specific reason. This is the time that most people have to request their prescription drug plan be stopped without having to get specific permission from Centers from Medicare and Medicaid Services.

If members want to end their enrollment in Medicare part D plans at any other time during the calendar year, there has to be specific reason given other than I don’t like it or I don’t want it anymore. People that want to end their Medicare part D plan memberships often have really good reasons to do so. Some of those reasons include:

  • No longer qualifying for Medicare
  • Spousal insurance
  • Credible coverage
  • Low Income Subsidy/Additional Help

Without having special situations to apply to the account, it is very hard to end the contracts that are Medicare part D plans.

How to End the Plan

Those that are serious about ending their contracts can end it in 3 ways. Calling Medicare part D plan providers don’t work well. It is something that can be discussed over the phone but it’s not something that will be effective with that phone conversation.

The easiest way to stop Medicare part D plans is to write a letter requesting dis-enrollment during the annual enrollment period. This is one of the easiest things to do because it is a formal notification with a person’s signature. Once these requests are received, they are noted to the accounts and follow up is required. When calling any part D plans with a dis-enrollment request most companies will tell their members they need the request in writing.

The next easiest way to dis-enroll in Medicare part d plans is to enroll into a different Medicare part d plan or get credible coverage. Because the rules that guide Medicare part d plans only allow a person to have one part d plan, the coverage one doesn’t like will be dropped for the next year. If one gets credible coverage the Medicare part d plans will end. It’s important to call the insurance provider and ask how to submit the proof of having credible coverage so there is no confusion on when the coverage should be dropped.

The last way to un-enroll in a part d plan is to call Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. This is something that people should do when they don’t feel comfortable speaking with their insurance provider about ending the coverage.

Medicare part d plans are contracts that last for a full calendar year. They can be terminated with the right reasons and timing. Those that want to end Medicare part D plans should make sure they have credible coverage or they can face a penalty if they reenroll into the program.

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