Part D Plans are Easier to Pick Apart Now

The time has arrived to examine Medicare Part D plans. This is the time of year that is the most frustrating for Medicare members than most other times of the year. The annual enrollment period started on Oct. 15th and will end Dec. 7th. The part D plans that are selected through this time of the year will be used for 2015. In the beginning, these plans were hard to pick through but now, part d plans are easier to work through and choose.

There have been a lot of changes that have happened since the Medicare Part D program was introduced to Medicare members. This is a program that allows people that have Medicare the chance to get insurance for their prescriptions. With this insurance program, millions of people are now able to get the medications they need to continue having a quality life. Many of the changes that have happened have made it easier to get necessary information about the plans so the right decision can be made.

For many people the thought of searching through countless part d plans is a nightmare. It doesn’t have to be. With a little preparation, the search for the right Medicare part D plan is easy and uncomplicated.

Easy Research and Quality Decisions

To make the chore of sorting through part d plans easier, there are a few things that people should do. These things will help shorten the time spent on the phones to different insurance providers as well as listening to ridiculous sales pitches that don’t apply to a very serious situation.

Qualify: This is one of the largest reasons for frustration. There are still a lot of people that wonder if they qualify for part d plans. Those that qualify for Medicare part d plays will meet one of the following requirements:

  • Have Medicare part A
  • Have Medicare part B
  • Just turned 65 years old
  • Newly qualified for Medicare due to disability

There are a few special situations that may allow someone to enroll into a Medicare part d plan without meeting one of these requirements but those situations should be discussed with a specialist. If one of these things are met, the search for the right part d plan can go on.

Prepare: Before starting on the search for part d plans, people should take the time to know what they need. This is something most people don’t know because they have never thought about it. They don’t know their medication needs or how much insurance they can afford because they haven’t been forced to look. That is one of the things that makes searching for part d plans so frustrating. Instead of looking for a plan without information, take a day to get the information together.

When looking for part d plans, there are a few things that should be gathered first.

  • A list of current medications, complete with instructions and dosages
  • A list of local pharmacies or the name of a preferred mail order pharmacy
  • A budget of how much money can be spent on a monthly premium
  • Questions from the current experience of getting medications filled

When people take the time to prepare these things, phone calls and reading information can be done easily and without frustration.

Finding the right part d plan can take a lot of time. It’s a big decision and should not be rushed. With the right planning, pouring through part d plans to find the right fit will be simple and less time consuming.

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