How To Get A Raise

The idea of getting a raise is exciting for most people. They like the idea of having more money than they currently have because they deserve to make more. While all these things are true, getting a raise is something that can be done every year without having to ask anyone at work to sign the paperwork.

Getting a raise is something that people can do for themselves each year. People can take the time to consider how much they want their raise to be and they can give it to themselves. While it sounds silly and impossible, it’s something that can be done year after year.

Get the Raise

When people decide they want to get a raise, they normally think it has to come from upper management of their job. It doesn’t. A raise is just an increase in available money. Instead of waiting for someone to say a raise is deserved or an annual review and raise, people should look at their finances and give themselves a raise.

One of the reasons getting a raise this way sounds funny is because many people don’t pay themselves first. They don’t take a certain amount of their paychecks or income and put into a savings account. Paying yourself first is one way to save for retirement and other emergencies that can’t be avoided. Some think they are paying themselves when they cash their paychecks but in reality, they aren’t. When people start to pay themselves first, their savings account grows and gives people the financial security everyone wants.

When people have gotten used to paying themselves first, they can get used to getting a raise through a way similar to this. The first thing that people have to do is decide on how much their annual raise will be worth. When a raise amount has been decided, it’s time to do a little math. The annual increase amount should be divided into 12, representing the months of the calendar. The product from that number should be divided by how every many times per month they are getting paid. This will give an amount that should be deposited into the bank. By regularly making deposits into the bank, financial freedom is near.

How to Adjust for the Missing Money

As people begin to work their new raise into their bank accounts, there is less money to spend on other things. When this happens, some sacrifices have to be made. Those that are determined to be financially free are happy to make the adjustment.

When there is money missing from the budget, people can start looking at their lifestyle for ways to cut corners. In almost every home, there are some things that can be eliminated for the sake of financial security.

1.       Stop eating out so much

2.       Revaluate unused gym or family member’s gym visit

3.       Stop the snacking

4.       Maintain their car’s health

Giving yourself a raise is something that should be done every year. It’s a time to reflect on the previous year and celebrate another year. Getting a raise isn’t always complicated when one wants to win.

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