Mind Over Poverty Wins the Battle

There are many that will say poverty is the root of all evil and others that will say that poverty only happens to those that are lazy. With so many different opinions of poverty, there has been a huge amount of thought given about what causes poverty and how to win the battle against it. For millions of people, the answer to that question will end a lifelong struggle or even a struggle that has been happening for generations.

Poverty is defined as the state of being extremely poor. Every country has a different example of what poverty looks like and there are just as many reasons for people living in that state. Those that are poor often look for help in many different ways and many try to overcome their financial status. While some try to end their poverty, they don’t always succeed. For those that have succeeded and ended their battle with poverty, one thing is very common. Those that won the battle against poverty set their minds to it and worked hard to achieve their dreams.

Mind over Poverty

It seems like a simple enough answer to an age old question. The idea of mind power alone ending poverty is almost impossible. But the results of having a strong mindset against poverty will shock the most doubting person.

People that have decided to end their poverty have made their mind up to do it. When they decide to end their financial struggles, there are many things that change. Many times, these individuals begin to think of different things they can do to end their struggles and bring more money into their homes. Some of the most enterprising people have increased their income by:

·         Working multiple jobs

·         Encouraging their significant others to work multiple jobs

·         Budgeting their income

·         Focusing their money on one goal at a time

·         Making a list of goals and working towards one at a time

·         Networking with others that have achieved what they are working for

·         Furthering their education

Those that have decided to end their poverty status have found many things they could do to break into another tax bracket.

Why They Were Successful

There are millions of people that have tried many of the same things that others have to end their battle with poverty and failed. Most wonder why they have failed some of the most tried and true methods of overcoming poverty when others succeeded.

One of the reasons some fail is lack of consistency. Those that are not consistently working towards their goal of ending their poverty will not achieve that goal. Even when someone is distracted but gets back on course to achieve their goals, they will be more successful. It’s easy to become side-tracked or discouraged by life events. But those that use those life events as a reason to quit will never win the war against poverty.

Another reason many don’t win the war against poverty is because of lack of determination. When someone is determined to make their dreams come true, almost everything they do is centered on that goal. It’s hard to win a war when all efforts aren’t directed towards it.

The war on poverty is not one that is easily won. Many will have different reasons about who will succeed and who is destined to live in a cycle of poverty. One thing is certain, those that are determined to end their personal poverty war will work hard to win their war.

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