Renters Insurance

Your landlord or building association is required by many state laws to have renters insurance. You need it to cover your personal belongings, furniture, computers, entertainment, etc. Renters insurance offers that protection and more.

Protect your possessions and your livelihood with renters insurance

Renting is an easy way to avoid the cost of home improvements and property taxes. However, that means that you are less involved with the maintenance routine of the building in which you live. Water pipes threaten computers and other electronics, furniture, clothing, etc. Electrical wiring can also affect computers and electronics, not to mention the risk of fire. Gas mains have their own special risk as well. Natural disasters are also concerns that bother many people. Renters insurance offers peace of mind to every day that you're away from home.


Renters insurance covers your personal property. When disaster strikes, it covers almost everything you might need in an emergency. Replacing a laptop or computer is critical for most people today, but more essential is food and shelter. Most plans will cover these expenses while you get your life back after a disaster like water pipes bursting. If the landlord is unhelpful, renters insurance offers a friendly alternative--and in some cases may resolve any conflict on your behalf.

Most plans cover nearly everything that threatens your belongings: natural disasters, structural failures (water pipes, electrical, etc.), mold, fire, etc. Be sure to check the your plan so that it covers the disaster most prone to your region, e.g. Florida = hurricanes, floods, lightning damage.


Renters insurance is affordable. In some locations it can be as low as $10 per month. However, most people can expect to pay around $20-30 per month. These costs vary by location, deductible, and specific insurance plans. Most plans are much less than replacing a fully furnished house or apartment! There are many reputable and reliable firms to choose from, so don't hesitate to call around and get the best deal.

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