Vacationing on a Budget

Bright sun and warm temperatures are almost here and vacation hour is here. Millions of people dream of going on a vacation but their budgets wake them. Instead of feeling as if a vacation is not possible because of budgetary issues, plan one anyway. There is nothing wrong with going on vacation, especially if saving for it can be done without upsetting an already fragile financial state.

One of the first things that people should do so they can vacation in comfort is to be realistic. There are some trips that will take more than a few months of saving to take. If someone has a tight budget already, planning to go on a 3 month safari overseas is not realistic nor is it recommended. Instead of trying to keep up with appearances, plan a vacation that fits the budget.

Staycations Count as Vacation Travel

Sometimes vacations are best taken from the comfort of home. Not everyone will be able to pay for airfare, car rentals, hotel fees and eating expenses. It’s just not in the budget for everyone and that’s okay. For those that can’t pay for a vacation somewhere out of state, staying and exploring the home state is just as relaxing.

Instead of planning an elaborate vacation away, plan one for home. It’s not hard and the expense is minimal.

1.       Grab a city guide for tourists. As a tourist, this information is important because it tells where to go for sightseeing and eating. Many of these guides have coupons and give away information to encourage visitors. This is a great freebie to grab.

2.       Hire a cleaning service. One of the best parts about going on vacation is no housework. The same thing can be done during a staycation. Hire a cleaning service to come make the bed, wash the dishes, sweep and dust. Many of these tidying services aren’t expensive and can be worked into a tight budget. The best part of this indulgence is walking into a clean house after being out acting like a tourist all day.

3.       Eat like a tourist. There are very few tourists that have fully equipped kitchens at their hotels during vacation. To eat, many eat out at different restaurants around town. It’s okay to do the same thing. When eating out gets old, think of a local specialty and whip it up at home.

Staycations aren’t the end of the world. There are many things that can be done and people often discover hidden or forgotten about jewels in their city.

Vacations and Staycation Financing Made Easy

Financing a staycation or vacation can be done. Everyone that wants to go on a vacation will see the practicality of doing little things over a period of time to get some R&R.

Say No to Take Out- When saving for a vacation or staycation, stop eating out. For a period of time, take lunch and snacks to work to save money. If $50 per week is budgeted for eating out at work, that can be redirected to the vacation/staycation fund.

Save the Change- At the beginning of the year, everyone that wants to go on vacation or staycation should find a place to put all their coin/loose change over the course of the year. This is one way to see huge savings quickly because it’s easy to dismiss the power of loose change. When paying cash for something, put the change in a collection jar or place and leave it alone. When it’s time to pay for the vacation or staycation, take all the change, roll it up and go to the bank.

Have a Sale- Stuff accumulates and that stuff should be gotten rid of. Instead of keeping it and letting it pile up in the basement and corners, sell it. Yard sales and online auctions have been known to bring in a lot of money.

There are many ways that a vacation or staycation can be financed. When it’s time to relax, the necessary must be done.

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