Habits that Stop Financial Success

Most people want to achieve financial success. Financial success means something different to everyone. Although it has different meanings, there are certain behaviors that anyone has to have to be financially successful.

Although many want to be financially successful and achieve their dreams, there are some people that have bad habits preventing them from achieving their goals. Most people don’t think their bad habits have a direct relationship with their financial success because they may not think their habits are bad. These individuals don’t understand that their actions in life and their way of thinking will create a pattern of behavior that can destroy their goals.

The Habits to Eliminate

Not all bad habits stop people from attaining financial success. There are some habits that are worse than others because of the devastating effect they can have on someone’s life. These are the habits that have to be stopped as soon as possible.


Being lazy is something some people think is acceptable. It’s not. When it comes to maintaining financial matters, being lazy is not an option. It takes work to ensure that goals are written and met. Those that are lazy don’t make the effort of writing, planning or following through on their desire to become financially successful.

Being Afraid

There is nothing wrong with being afraid of change or work. In most cases, fear is to be expected and is a normal reaction. But there are some people that are paralyzed by fear and that fear stops them from doing many things. People that are afraid of the work it takes to become financially successful should seek help to overcome their fear.

Negative Mindset

There are some people that don’t understand that their mindset matters. If they don’t think they will be successful, they won’t be. Those that constantly have a negative mindset won’t find satisfaction in reaching their goals. Many people with a negative mindset often find they quickly lose the motivation they need to pursue their financial goals.

Avoiding Help

Everyone is not an expert at financial matters. Instead of acting like they are, many people should get professional help to manage their financial affairs. There are millions of people financially illiterate. Instead of allowing financial ignorance to continue, people should seek the help of a qualified individual to help meet their goals.

While everyone is different, some bad habits are universal. There is no harm in being cautious or practical. When people are cautious and practical, they tend to look at the entire picture as it is and not allow bad habits stop them from doing what they know is best for their future. Getting rid of bad habits will bring people closer to their financial goals than they thought they would be.

To be financially successful, people have to work hard and be willing to get the help they need. Those that are financially successful aren’t okay with the status quo. They don’t allow life to dictate to their financial standing; they create the financial future they want for themselves.

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I am working on tyinrg to eat healthier by making smarter choices and planning. If you don't plan then you have the fast food rest. knocking on your door. I also plan on preparing and eating fresh foods and stay away from the processed foods as much as possible. My son who watched Food Inc. even suggests we try and purchase our fruits and veggies from the farmer's market and not the grocery store. I am also tyinrg to incorporate working out at least 5 times a week. Whether it is bootcamp, running, biking or even walking the dog. If you throw exercise into your daily schedule, I think it helps you clear your mind and helps you eat healthier and feel better about yourself overall. You always feels better after a good work out and good healthy food. (I believe it gives you more energy). One last thing I am going to incoporate into my daily life is a positive and healthy mind set of the way I think.
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