Saving Money with 2 Phrases

Everyone wants to save money but nobody wants to do the work.

Saving money is not as easy as people want it to be. It’s also not beyond anyone’s reach. Saving money is easy for people to do when they know what they can do. Not only is saving money easy to do, it is something that can be done automatically. When people remember 2 phrases, saving becomes automatic.

Wasting is for Financial Losers

Wasting is what leads to financial distress and those that want to stop their financial bleed will stop wasting their financial resources. There are many ways to stop wasting money.

Cook, Don’t Order- One of the biggest financial bleeds for people is ordering takeout food or eating in restaurants. This should be stopped or limited. There is nothing wrong with eating out once or twice a month. Eating out every day of the month can amount to financial suicide. Instead of eating out every day, cook. For those that don’t know how to cook, enroll in a cooking class or buy a beginner’s cookbook and use the oven for what it was built for.

Insulate the House- A home that is insulated properly won’t take a lot of resources to keep cool or heat. There are many homeowners that find themselves overwhelmed with the change of the seasons. They don’t like the surge in their costs when it comes to heating or cooling their homes. Instead of allowing it to happen, start insulating the house and watch the cost of heating a cooling fall within manageable amounts.

Put a Cap on Electronics- Every household has an alarming number of electronics. These homes are giving more money than they can afford to their utility company. Most of these electronics need to be plugged in for charging and/or operation. Instead of leaving these things plugged all day when not in use, unplug them. It seems like a stretch but it works. When things aren’t plugged up or being used, the energy bill is being lowered.

Do It for Yourself

Laziness isn’t financially savvy. It’s the mark of someone that isn’t financially aware of what their habits are really doing for them. Instead of being lazy, doing it for yourself can save a lot of money.

Let Go of the Latte- Everyone loves the jolt they get from a good gulp of caffeine. Spending a few dollars every morning doesn’t seem like a lot when holding a cup of hot deliciousness. Do the math: $2 per day X 5 days a week = $10 per week. $10 per week X 52 weeks per year = $520 per year. Instead of spending at least $2 per day on coffee, make it at home and pocket the difference.

Minor Repairs- There are some things that can be taken care of without calling a specialist. If it can be done, do it. Painting isn’t hard and neither is mowing the lawn. Instead of paying someone to do something that can be done with minor inconvenience, just do it.

Saving money seems painful but it’s worth it. When people get used to saving money, it becomes a habit. Saving money is a healthy habit that leaves people with a healthy savings account.

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