Recovering from Financial Devastation

Having a financial emergency is stressful. It’s something nobody wants to have although preparing for it. When people do have a financial emergency, they often fear the next one because they have gone through their emergency savings and cash.

After a financial emergency, it can seem hard to recover. Instead of hesitating, people that want to recover faster will leap into action for a faster recovery.

Tip 1- Set a Budget

Reestablishing a budget to get back on track is one of the smartest things that a person can do. This will allow people to assess their new financial situation and redirect their money into rebuilding their savings and staying out of debt.

Tip 2- Ask for Payment Extensions

It doesn’t hurt to try. There are some people that don’t believe a mortgage company or a finance company will actually extend their payment. Surprisingly, it happens more than many think. When someone gets into financial trouble, it’s best to discuss things with major creditors before things become delinquent. Many of these companies want to avoid any delinquency and will work with their borrowers to avoid it.

Tip 3- Yard Sale

Sometimes a lot of money is necessary to rebuild finances after a devastating time. Instead of holding on to something that isn’t useful, sell it. Traditionally, most people begin having yard sales but in today’s day and age, that yard sale can happen online in an auction house like EBay.

Tip 4- Arrange for Budget Billing on Utilities

Utility companies know that there will be times everyone can’t pay the full balance due on their utilities. Instead of allowing people to lose their services, these companies are happy to estimate the usage of utilities and add an additional amount to pay the balance owned. This is a boon to most families because it allows them to pay off their accumulated balance while keeping their services.

Tip 5- Repay Personal Loans

There is nothing more embarrassing than to have asked to borrow money from a friend or family member only to have it thrown up in an argument as an unpaid debt. That is something that will strain the strongest relationship over time. It’s never okay to BORROW money from a family member or friend and never pay it back. Repay all personal loans because it is what responsible friends do. Also repay the loan because if help is needed in the future, an unpaid loan may be the deciding factor on if they will help again or not.

There are many other things that can be done to recover from a financial crisis. The most important part of recovering from these times is sitting down to acknowledge what happened and decide how to avoid it in the future.

Many financial frustrations and emergencies can be avoided if they are prepared for and addressed at an earlier stage. While not all emergencies can be predicted, for most, there are some indicators that an emergency will happen without actions. Instead of ignoring the warning signs, take heed and take action.

Apr. 1 14'
Medicare won't pay a dime if you leave / go against meicdal advice, especially with the economy the way it is. There are many reasons for them not to pay if you've gone AMA, but on top of it, medicare is denying coverage for much more than they used to because of the lack of funds they have. Nurses aren't going to use that line on anyone. To be honest it's easier for them if you do walk out AMA, it's less paperwork less they have to do. They were telling you that because it was in your best interest financially, now you will be stuck with t.he bill
May. 26 14'

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