State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program: Virginia

There are millions of Medicare beneficiaries that have been diagnosed with medical issues and complications they weren’t expecting. Because they weren’t expecting many of these medical issues, the expense of maintaining their health has been devastating. Those that have these illnesses find themselves struggling to pay for their medications each month and other expenses.

For those that are struggling to pay for their medications, assistance programs become very important. Most people begin looking for assistance through local charities and private organizations. Because many of these programs have limited resources, not everyone that applies will get the help they need. Most of these Medicare beneficiaries don’t realize they may live in a state that provides help to their residents. These assistance programs are called state pharmaceutical assistance programs.

Not every state offers their residents state pharmaceutical assistance programs. Those states that do offer these programs are aware of the struggles their residents face every day with the rising cost of prescriptions and living expenses. These states have worked hard to fund large programs to help as many residents as they can.

Virginia is a state that offers a state pharmaceutical assistance program.

Virginia HIV SPAP

Virginia offers its residents help with their medication needs. Those that live in the state and are interested in applying for the program should call 800-366-7741. This is the number for those that may have questions before applying as well.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this program, applicants must meet the following requirements:

·         Must be a Virginia resident

·         Must be a participant in the Virginia AIDS Drug Assistance Program

·         Income must be at or below 400% of the Federal Poverty Line

·         Must have Medicare Part D prescription drug plan

Who to Contact

Those that are interested in applying should contact:

Po Box 5930

Midlothin, Va. 23112

Benefits of this Program

Those that qualify, apply and are approved to participate in this program will find their Medicare Part D premiums paid through the program. Those that meet specific requirements will have their copays, coinsurances, deductibles and costs during the coverage gap paid for as well. To qualify for those benefits, applicants will have to speak to a program specialist.

Although this is a program that is offered to all residents that qualify, not all applicants will be approved. For those that still need help and haven’t been approved for the Texas SPAP, help is still available. There are thousands of people that have applied for the Low Income Subsidy through the Social Security Administration and have been approved.

Those that are approved for the Low Income Subsidy program through SSA will find a lot of help with their Medicare Part D prescription drug costs. There are some that are no longer for a premium and pay as low as $2.50 for a 30 day supply of medication. People that don’t qualify or can’t find help in other places are always welcome to apply for the Low Income Subsidy. This is a federal program that the federal government has established for those that meet the eligibility requirements.

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