State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program: Montana

Not all Medicare beneficiaries are able to pay for their prescription medications and Medicare part D prescription drug plan. Many of these beneficiaries have to decide if they are going to address other needs before they can pay for their prescription medications. Those that have to make these decisions don’t always know there is help available. Many times, when they look for assistance, they only think the federal government is their only source of help. Most Medicare beneficiaries don’t realize they may be able to turn to their state government for help.

Some state governments know their residents need help with their Medicare needs and prescription drug plans. They know and have put special programs in place for people to get help. These programs are called state pharmaceutical assistance programs. Not all states have these programs in place but those that do have them are able to offer a much needed help to their residents. The requirements are different in each state but the help is always tremendous to the residents that are able to receive it.

Montana is a state that offers a state pharmaceutical assistance program.

Montana Big Sky Rx Program

Montana Big Sky Rx Program is the state pharmaceutical assistance program in the state of Montana. It is only for Montana residents and those that don’t live in Montana shouldn’t attempt to apply for it. Those that live in Montana and need the assistance offered should call 866-369-1233 or 406-444-1233.

Eligibility Requirements

Montana residents that are interested in this program should meet the following criteria:

  • Montana resident
  • Medicare beneficiary
  • Income for a single person must be less than $22,980 and a couple’s income $31,020

Who to Contact

Those that meet the eligibility requirements and are ready to apply should contact:

Po Box 202915

Helena, Mt. 59620

What are the Benefits?

The Montana Big Sky Rx Program only assists with paying a qualifying resident’s Medicare Part D prescription drug plan premium ONLY. There are no other benefits to this program although those that missed an election period to enroll in a prescription drug plan may have another opportunity if accepted into this program.

Those that need help with lowering the cost of their prescriptions should contact the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration has Low Income Subsidy Program available for those that meet their requirements.

Montana Mental Health Services Plan

The Montana Mental Health Service Plan is a state pharmaceutical assistance program for Montana residents. Those that aren’t a resident of Montana should not apply for this program. Those that are and want to apply should call 406-444-3964 or 800-866-0328.

Eligibility Requirements

Those that are interested in this program and would like to apply should meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a Montana resident
  • Must be an adult with a severe disabling mental illness and the family of the adult must not have an income that exceeds 150% of the federal poverty level
  • Must not be eligible for or denied Medicaid
  • Must be eligible for Medicare
  • Must be enrolled in a Medicare part D prescription drug plan or a Medicare Advantage plan
  • Must apply for the Low Income Subsidy Program with the Social Security Administration

Who to Contact

Those that fit the eligibility requirements should apply at:

555 Fuller Ave

Po Box 202905

Helena, Mt. 59620

What are the Benefits?

The benefits for this program vary. Those that would like to know more about the Montana Mental Health Services Plan should contact the program for a better understanding of the benefits.

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