State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program: Missouri

Some Medicare beneficiaries wonder how they are going to pay for their medications, their Medicare part D prescription drug plan and other expenses. These Medicare beneficiaries have watched the cost of their medications increase over time and they are beginning to struggle to keep up with the increases. As people wonder how they are going to pay for their medications, they begin to look for help. Millions of these Medicare beneficiaries look for help from the federal government before they look to their state for help. Because they don’t look to their state for help, many of these residents don’t realize their state may have an assistance program in place already.

States that have assistance programs in place are happy to help the residents in their state. The programs these states have are normally called state pharmaceutical assistance programs. These programs have benefits that are different but they are based on what the state thinks their residents need help with more and what they can afford.

Missouri is a state that offers a state pharmaceutical assistance program.

Missouri Rx Plan

Missouri Rx Plan is the state pharmaceutical assistance program for Missouri residents. Those that don’t live in Missouri shouldn’t apply for this program. Those that do live in Missouri and would like more information should call 800-375-1406.

Eligibility Requirements

Missouri residents that would like to apply for this assistance program should meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Must be a Missouri residents
  • Total income can’t exceed $21,600 for a single person and $29,140 for a married couple

Who to Contact

If these eligibility requirements have been met, those that are ready to apply should contact:

Po Box 6500

Jefferson City, Mo. 65102

What are the Benefits?

Those that choose to apply and are approved for this program are happy with the benefits they receive. People that are approved for this program find they will enjoy the following:

  • Missouri will pay 50% of the out of pocket expenses annually (these expenses include deductible, copayments and the cost of medications during the coverage gap in a Part D prescription drug plan)
  • Medications that are not on the Medicare part D prescription drug plan formulary will not be covered

*Those that are eligible for Medicare and Medicaid will be automatically enrolled into the Missouri Rx program.

Eligible beneficiaries are happy to see their expenses are being cut in half for their medications. This program will work in partnership with those that have Medicare part D prescription drug plans. After being approved for the program, beneficiaries can begin paying the lower price at the pharmacy as soon as they receive their notification letter and take it to the pharmacy.

Those that don’t qualify for this program should not give up their search for help. There are millions of people that qualify for the Low Income Subsidy Program through the Social Security Administration. Rather than give up, Medicare beneficiaries should contact the Social Security Administration to apply for their assistance programs.

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