State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program: Delaware

Millions of Medicare beneficiaries have financial difficulties when it comes to paying for their Medicare part D prescription drug plan. These beneficiaries don’t know where to turn to for help and don’t realize there are assistance programs in their state. As these beneficiaries begin looking for help, many of their efforts are focused on programs that have an outreach nationwide, not programs that have a local outreach.

States have realized the financial strain that some Medicare beneficiaries have and have created state pharmaceutical assistance programs to help those that need it. State pharmaceutical assistance programs, SPAPs, are normally reserved for those that live in the state only. Not all states have the same benefits in their SPAPs but the benefits of these programs are tremendous. Each state has a set of criteria that has to be met before a resident can be enrolled in these programs.

These programs are created to help those Medicare beneficiaries that are struggling to pay for their medications. These states want to do all they can to help ensure their residents will continue to live their best life and improve their health as much as they can.

Delaware is a state that offers two SPAPs.

Delaware Prescription Assistance Program (PDAP)

Delaware Prescription Assistance Program is for those that live in Delaware. People that aren’t residents of this state shouldn’t apply for the program. Those that want more information should contact the program at 1-800-996-9969 extension 2.

Who is eligible:

  • Must be a Delaware resident
  • Must not be eligible or receiving Medicaid or other prescription drug coverage
  • Those under 65 should be eligible for SSD (Social Security Disability) benefits
  • Income must be at or below 200% Federal Poverty Level
  • Must have a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan (or show proof of enrollment after being accepted into the program)
  • Apply for Low Income Subsidy

Those that are eligible should apply to:

Delaware Prescription Assistance Program

Po Box 950

New Castle, De. 19720

What are the Benefits?

Those that are accepted into the program will receive up to $3,000 annually for prescription medications. This program doesn’t pay for diabetic medications or supplies as many of these medications and supplies are covered by Medicare.

Those that are enrolled into the program will have to pay a copayment of 25% of the cost of the prescription or a $5 minimum payment. The payment will be collected at the pharmacy the medications are filled at.

Delaware Chronic Renal Disease Program

Delaware Chronic Renal Disease Program is an SPAP for Delaware. Those that aren’t residents of this state shouldn’t apply as state residency is one of the requirements. For more information on the program, please call 302-424-7180 or 800-464-4357.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must live in Delaware
  • Must be diagnosed with ESRD, be on dialysis or have had a renal transplant
  • Income must be below 300% the Federal Poverty Level (spouse’s income is considered unless separated and living in separated homes for at least 12 months prior to application)
  • Must have prescription drug coverage through Medicare part D or credible coverage

To apply:

11-13 North Church Ave.

Milford, De. 19963

What are the Benefits?

Those that are interested in applying for the Delaware Chronic Renal Disease Program should know there are very specific benefits they will receive should they be accepted into the program.

Those that are approved for the program will find they will get help with the cost of their medications, over the counter and prescription. Beneficiaries will also get help paying for nutritional supplements as well as the cost of Medicare part D prescription drug coverage. Those that need help with traveling to dialysis treatment and other medical appointments may also receive help.

This program doesn’t pay for any insurance premiums aside from Medicare part D prescription drug insurance. If there are medical needs and services that are necessary, this program may not pay for them. Please discuss those needs with a specialist because it’s important for there to be no misunderstanding of the benefits.

These programs are very specific and those that don’t meet the eligibility requirements shouldn’t apply. Those that have questions should call each program to discuss those questions and request an application if necessary. The residents of Delaware that don’t meet the requirements of these programs can still apply for assistance with their Medicare prescription drug play through the Low Income Subsidy Program with the Social Security Administration.

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