State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program: Colorado

There are millions of Medicare beneficiaries that struggle to pay for their Medicare part D prescription drug plan benefits. Many of these beneficiaries are struggling to find assistance in any place they can and often don’t know of the assistance programs that are local to their state. When most Medicare beneficiaries begin looking for help, they look for help nationwide and not assistance programs that are local to them.

There are some states that offer residents assistance through state pharmaceutical assistance programs. These programs are only eligible to those that live in that specific state and those that move out of the state are no longer eligible to receive those benefits. The programs are all different and offer different benefits and there are different sets of criteria that have to be met to be eligible for the benefits.

State pharmaceutical assistance programs, SPAPs, are set up to help those that need help. Each state that offers an assistance program often does so because they know the intimate struggles of their state’s residents better than the federal government does. These states want to offer their residents as much help as possible so that they can maintain and improve their help.

Colorado is one of the states that offer their residents assistance with a SPAP.

Colorado Bridging the Gap

Colorado Bridging the Gap is the SPAP for Colorado. Those that don’t live in the area are not eligible to apply for the benefits. To contact this SPAP by phone, local residents can dial 303-692-2783 or 303-692-2716.

Who is eligible:

  • Colorado residents with HIV/AIDS (income must also be under 400% of the Federal Poverty Line and must be enrolled in the Colorado AIDS Drug Assistant Program)
  • Must be eligible for medical insurance or a COBRA policy, medications must be available through that program
  • If on Medicaid, medications must be available through that program
  • If on Medicare, must have a Medicare part D prescription insurance plan

Those that want to apply should contact:

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

4300 Cherry Creek Drive South

Denver, Co. 80246

What are the Benefits?

Those that meet these requirements benefit greatly from this SPAP. The benefits for those that submit an application and are approved include help with premiums (for MAPD and Medicare part D prescription drug plans only), deductibles and co-insurance as well as help during the coverage gap.

The benefits for those that have a Medicare part D program is also known as a wrap benefit. This program will essentially act as a secondary insurance for those that are approved and have a Medicare part D prescription drug plan. Those that have a Medicare part D drug plan will notice their premium lowering (if they have a premium). They will also notice their copays and co-insurances lowered at the pharmacy as long as they are receiving a medication that is on the approved formularies. Those that have a Medicare part D prescription drug plan will see a significant amount of help during the coverage gap period of their benefits.

Those that meet the eligibility requirements should contact Bridging the Gap as soon as possible as the benefits can significantly reduce the financial burden of some medications. Those that are eligible will have to submit an application and go through the screening process. Unfortunately, not all that apply will be accepted into the program.

People that are not able to enroll into Bridging the Gap should contact their local state health information program for other area assistance programs.


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