Medicare Part A is Critical

There are many people that have questions about Medicare. Some people are looking into Medicare benefits to help their parents or they may be looking for information because they are approaching retirement age. They don't understand what the different parts of Medicare are or how to go about signing up for the benefits. With the different parts of Medicare, there needs to be a clear understanding of what they are and how they are beneficial.

What is Medicare Part A?

Medicare part A is one of the first things that people begin to get or are entitled to. Medicare part A is hospital insurance. This is the insurance that people need in case they are hospitalized and receive inpatient care. Not only does it help to cover the costs of inpatient care at a hospital, it will also help pay for care in a nursing facility, hospice and even some home health care services.

Medicare part A is a necessary piece of the Medicare pie. It is very important to ensure that people have this insurance because of the coverage it provides. The cost of a hospital visit is unimaginable with insurance. For a senior to be hospitalized without this insurance or another type of insurance is devastating for the entire family.

How do I get it?

Most people automatically get Medicare part A. When people work, they pay taxes. A part of their tax money is put towards their Medicare benefits for the future. Those that pay their taxes throughout their career won't have to pay a premium for their Medicare part A when they become eligible for it. That is one of the little known benefits of paying taxes now; it will be spent later, considering the cost of insurance and hospitalization. For those that aren't automatically enrolled into Medicare part A, they should call the Social Security administration or apply online.

There are some people that don't qualify for premium free Medicare part A. They may not qualify for this because they didn't pay their Medicare taxes. If this is the case, the premiums can be expensive but it has to be paid if they want to take part of the Medicare part A program. In order to sign up for it, they would have to call the Social Security Administration.

In order to purchase Medicare part A, one of these qualifications have to be met:

  • Must be 65 or older, have Medicare part B, or are enrolling into it, and meet the residency or citizenship requirements.
  • Must be 65 or younger, disabled and Medicare part A ended because of a return to work

* There are some cases that a person can continue to get free part A coverage for up to 8 1/2 years after returning to work if recipient is under 65 and disabled.

But When Am I Eligible for Medicare?

According to Medicare rules, most people are eligible for Medicare when they turn 65. There are a lot of people that are automatically enrolled and they receive their red, white and blue Medicare card at least 3 months of their 65th birthday. Medicare benefits normally start on the first day of the month of they turn 65 years old.

For those that are not 65 but are disabled, they are still eligible for Medicare benefits. Once they have been declared disabled and have been getting disability benefits from Social Security or other benefits from Rail Road Benefits for 24 months, they normally automatically receive Medicare part A and B.

There are other situations that would deem people eligible for Medicare. Those situations have to be discussed with an agent at the local Social Security office or Medicare.

I am Eligible but I don’t want it

There are some people that don't want their Medicare to start on their 65th birthday because they are still working or their spouse is still working. They may have access to an insurance plan that they want to keep. As long as the eligible party has comparable insurance, they can call the Social Security administration to discuss how to delay the start of their Medicare part A.

The puzzle of Medicare is an understandable one. One question leads to another and the answers make people pause. There are many resources that people can turn to for an explanation of many things. One of the best pieces of literature that people can get is their annual Medicare and You handbook. When people have questions, don't sit on them and hope that it will get sorted out. Call Medicare or the Social Security administration to have questions addressed and get solutions to problems. Insurance is too important to just hope for a solution.

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