How to get a car insurance quote

If you're wondering how to get a car insurance quote than you're in the right place.  There are lots of companies that you can get quotes for car insurance now a days.  First, I'm going to list the most reputable auto insurance companies:


* The following instructions will apply to any of the online auto insurance companies just listed.

Steps to get a car insurance quote:

  1. Visit any one of the online insurance companies just listed.  There will usually be an option that says get a quote.  It will usually ask for your zip code and type of insurance you're seeking.  In this case you must select auto insurance.  It will then redirect to you another page.  It might prompt you also get another type of insurance.  Just select No Thanks.
  2. Next you will be asked to provide your personal info.  You must fill out your name, mailing address, city, state, zip, and date of birth.  You must also check a box to agree to their terms and conditions.  Once this is done you will be redirected to another page.
  3. You will then have to provide the vehicle year / make.
  4. Next they will usually want to know if you own or rent your vehicle.  Also, they might want to know what type of safety features it has e.g. theft protection.
  5. Next they may want more personal information.  You might have to provide your marital status, social security number, education, etc.
  6. Typically you will need to provide a bit of closing information.  This will be about your auto insurance history.

Congratulations!  To get your auto insurance quote online it is not that difficult.  It may seem a little tedious and long.  But, it shouldn't take more than 10 - 15 min.  You should now be more knowledgable and won't get a confused car insurance quote!  Go to one the online auto insurance companies that I provided you with and good luck!

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